Gryphcon 2011 is March 4th, 5th and 6th

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Gryphcon 2011 News

GM/Volunteer Incentives!

posted by Daniel Pawliw on 2011-02-09 22:57:41

Hey folks! We've got some big announcements over the next week, so let's get started! First, WE HAVE T-SHIRT DESIGNS! Here's a peek at the design:

Next, I'd like to address one of the most common questions we get: What do I get in return for running a game or volunteering?

Gryphcon's existence is dependent on it's GMs and Volunteers as much as it is on the Games Club, the Coordinators and the University Centre combined. We want to recognize the hard work that goes into individuals running several games and helping out over the course of the Con. With that said, here is the incentive structure we are offering people who dedicate their time to the convention:

1 Slot Volunteering/GMing:
Access Pass (includes 1 game slot)

2 Slots Volunteering/GMing:
Access Pass +extra slot (2 slots total, upgradeable to a weekend pass for $10)
OR a prize (T-Shirt or prize support under $10)

3 Slots Volunteering/GMing:
Weekend Pass
AND a prize (T-Shirt or prize support under $10)

We are always looking for feedback on subjects like the above incentive structure, don't hesitate to email us via the 'Contact' page.

LAST, Our volunteer coordinator Vanessa is looking for people interested in helping out! We need everything from overnight watch to snack-cart runners, just get ahold of her via the 'Contacts' page under 'Volunteer Coordinator'.

- Dan