Gryphcon 2011 is March 4th, 5th and 6th

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Gryphcon 2011 News

Congratulations Penn & Heather...

posted by Daniel Pawliw on 2011-01-19 21:37:42

For being the first people to properly break the site! Penn and Heather's Slash LARP was far too awesome for my simplistic coding skills and the description went off-page. literately.

If you see anything wrong with the site, or have an insightful suggestion (one that doesn't require me re-engineering the whole website though...) get a hold of me ASAP using the Contact form. Angela and I are signed on for the next 5 years, so this website will be getting used each year and I hope we can improve on it to the point that it's fool proof and amazingly functional.

Some things you can expect to see added in the next week:

- GMs can post files for their Player's Eyes Only!
- Ability to email your GMs, and have GMs email their players.
- More robust Pass choice: choose multiple slots/days to register for.
- Artists! Or rather, we'll get an Artist Alley co-ordinator. The code is already there.
- A convention history writeup (GASP!)

Last of all, POST YOUR GAMES! Only a handful of games have been posted! Click the "Schedule" option on the right side and SUBMIT A GAME TODAY! The sooner you submit, the better your chances of filling up with players!