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Gryphcon 2011 News

Happy New Year!

posted by Daniel Pawliw on 2011-01-03 03:06:52

Hello Gryphcongoers! I apologize for the delays in getting this website up, but as you can see we've done a complete overhaul. The site is not fully functional at the moment, so don't expect most buttons on the right side to do anything just yet. On the side of good news, the overhaul is not just limited to the website. We're changing up the game plan for the entire con over the next few years.

I'd like to (re)introduce myself, I'm Daniel Pawliw. I've been coming to Gryphcon for 5 years now and I've been Gryphcon's Webmaster for the past 2 years. I was also the U of Guelph's FLASH Club president a couple years ago, and I'm currently VP of Guelph's EGO (Electronic Gaming Organization). I'm an avid participant in UoG's Games Club and I like long walks on the beach where I club kobolds and take their loot. I've been working on staff as an area supervisor for Anime North for the past 2 years, and I've volunteered at several other conventions in southern Ontario (I've been twinking my con-organizer skills something fierce).

I've teamed up with the previous FLASH president, Angela Dalton, to spend the next 5 years rebuilding Gryphcon into a more modern, bigger, future focused gaming convention. Alongside the current UoG Games Club president, John Henderson, and his insanely efficient executive we plan to take the first steps in turning over a new leaf with this year's Grypcon. We've got new events, better prizes, more tournaments, and a reintroduction of an old con-closing favourite with a new twist.

Event registration and signup will begin on the 10th of this month. For the moment, you can register through the "login" button on the right side of the site.

Welcome to the New Gryphcon.