What is Gryphcon?

Gryphcon is a Gaming convention held at the University of Guelph and hosted by the University of Guelph Games Club. Gryphcon is what one my call venerable - it has been around for more than 20 years in various incarnations. Gryphcon has been holding steady as a small to medium sized con since inception. There are familiar faces and a great sense of comradarie throughout the Con - which makes Gryphcon a great con to experience!

What sorts of games are at Gryphcon?

We cover a lot of ground for being a "small" con and Gryphcon is flexible concerning the gaming systems present each year as it largely depends on what our Game Masters (GMs) run. However, we generally have at least one game or event run from each of the following categories:

  • Board Games
  • Table Top Role-Playing games (RPGs)
  • Live Action Role-Playing games (LARPs)
  • Collectable Card Games (CCGs)
  • Miniature Games
  • And More...

When does Gryphcon happen?

Traditionally Gryphcon is held in the spring over a weekend beginning on Friday and ending Sunday evening with a closing banquet or gathering - usually in March or April.

Gryphcon 2011 is March 4th (Friday), 5th (Saturday) and 6th (Sunday)

Our closing event is the Post Gryphcon Pub at 6:30pm on the 6th after the last game.

How Do I Register And What Are The Costs?

Gryphcon works on a convention-pass system. Once you have a pass, it gives you access to the open convention space for the entire weekend, and the ability to register for limited-space games for the duration it is valid.

The passes offered at Gryphcon 2011 are listed below. Additional closed-game slots beyond the access your pass gives you are $5 apiece.

  • ($5) Access Pass (1 Free Slot Included)
  • ($8) Friday Pass
  • ($10) Saturday Pass
  • ($8) Sunday Pass
  • ($20) Weekend Pass

NOTE: Some Special Events have additional costs.

This is to cover prizes and auxiliary costs above the operating costs of the convention itself.