Gryphcon 2011 is March 4th, 5th and 6th

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Gryphcon 2011 News

OMG!!!! GAMEZ!!!!!!

posted by Angela Keeley on 2011-01-28 00:48:22

WOW! So we have a TON of games up now!
IF you haven't pre-registered yet - WOOHOO - get on it!
Snag your spot! Get in on some of these amazing games!
With more being added almost daily - you're sure to find something to your liking!

And just to encourage everyone - here is an incentive,
I will create bad poetry and post it on the news link until every game is full.

Be it Kobolds, Zombies, Nerf, Chageling or Boardgames.
Card games, Minis, and Electronic Games of many names!
We have a Slash Larp, Fantasy Bloodbath
A chance to show your God-like Wrath

Prove your GM Int. and Dex.
Watch your players fail their checks.
Roll the dice, play the game
Fail to save, walk of shame

If fates are kind you will survive
And you may yet leave this Con alive
Or perhaps due to your dedication
The Con has won through Sleep deprivation

So come one come all
To Guelph's Peter Clark Hall
The University's Redemption
The 2011 Gryphon Convention!!!

You may all begin with the praise and bowing now.