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.: Cover Forms Now Up

Hi everyone!

Since i'm sure that you are all impatient to get your stories entered, here are the two cover pages in fillable .pdf form. (Don't worry you should be able to save them filled to email them with your entry.)

Now besides reminding you that all entries are due on the 5th of March before 12:00pm, I've been asked to come up with a way to let you know that I've recieved your entry. Since i think the quickest method is to reply to the entry email, that's what we are going to do. However, if you wait until 12:00pm and it doesn't come through, tough cookies, so get in your entry early if you can!

Good luck!

Cover Page - Character Description
Cover Page - Short Story

.: Initial Contests are now complete

Hi y'all! First off thanks to all the people who entered the initial contests, we had some excellent entries, but make sure that you say congrats to Shaun Cameron and Lisa Liscoumb. Winners were chosen at random, so it was unfortunately necessary to tweak the entries slightly as they were very, very close. Winners please remember to stop by during Gryphcon to pick up your prizes.
Congrats again to our Winners!

Today we are also unveiling THE ACTUAL CONTESTS! For the full information on what's entailed please click the link. Also please note that you didn't have to participate in the initial contests to take part in THE ACTUAL CONTESTS, and that all entries for THE ACTUAL CONTESTS must be submitted to by no later than 24:00 on Monday the 5th of March.

We will be posting updates here, such as the cover page forms and also any changes that are made to the contest format, so please check back regularly!

I look forward to reading all your excellent entries and good luck to everyone!

.: Hello Everyone!!

Let me just say thanks for your interest in Gryphcon's Writing Contests . I'm your judge, jury and executioner, GhostJ , but as long as everyone reads the following information, hopefully I won't have to clear up much space in the graveyard.

This page will detail the rules and submission procedures for the contests we will be having, so why don't we just move right along, ok?

.: Initial contests

I am running two initial contests, just to get your juices flowing when for when it gets time to release the details of the main contests, which will be on February the 12 th . In fact, I'm giving you the participant, the chance to help decide those details. As the theme for this year's Gryphcon is PIRATES , I've come up with some other starting contests; you will receive your prizes for these contests at the Gryphcon event.

For the Short Story Contest we are looking for people to submit a one sentence line that will have to be included as speech in all short story entries. As your ranking in the competition will be based at least partially on how well the line is integrated or used, you might want to come up with something really fun . Lame examples (my own) being Aye, X marks the spot or where has all the rum gone? Please refrain from using lines directly removed from Pirates of the Caribbean , but honestly I won't be able to tell and it's going to be chosen at random.

For the Character Design Contest I am looking for people to submit a generalized character description, something along the lines of eccentric captain who lost his treasure to the natives or saucy bar-wench with a hidden past . Two of these descriptions will be chosen at random, and your character description must follow one or both of them. If you plan to enter the Character Design Contest, it might just be a good idea to submit a description that you are interested in writing for (wink, wink).

Please send your entry, for either or both, to with the subject line initial_contest_(Your name here) . All entries must be submitted by no later than - 12:00pm on the 9 th of February - that will give me time to make selections and announce the winners for the main contests.

 Good luck to everyone!!


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