Call of Cthulhu: Honeysuckle



Role Playing Game


Call of Cthulhu


#8 Sunday 2pm-6pm

Game Description

The Honeysuckle speakeasy is a popular spot in New Orlean's in the 1920s. You are connected - employee, regular, supplier - and enjoying yourself despite dodging the authorities intent on shutting you down. Jazz, dancing, booze - what more could a body want?
Until bodies start showing up, in the wrongest of places, and the wrongest of ways. Are those hallucinations the result of bad booze - or something else? And what is crawling around in the tunnels under the joint? Whatever it is, it is not part of this world...

Characters provided. Some knowledge of the era is helpful to get into the spirit of the game.

Game Master

Sandra Sine

Henri Cezar, the Bar Tender

ben cracknell Old Fashioned

Lola Galves, the Cocktail Waitress

Jellen Bee's Knees

Joe Ortiz, the Regular

Wesley M Sazerac

Nick Amaral, the Bootlegger

Jess Beattie Dark & Stormy

Tess Papillion, the Singer

Kate W Ramos Gin Fizz

Charlie LeBon, the Corrupt Cop

Paul Scapinello Highball