The Magick Inside



Role Playing Game




#8 Sunday 2pm-6pm

Game Description

It is important to remember that we all have magic inside of us.

Magick is about power: by learning one thing you find a shortcut to all things. In all things, though, there is resistance. Some things fight back.

A Dark Wizard stalks the night making nightmares come alive. Someone has to stop him. That someone is you. What do you hold most dear? Family, Friends, Power? That is all threatened. Your way of life is threatened. What will you do to maintain it, to prevent unwanted change from becoming the fulcrum of your existence?

Check your morals at the door. For in this fight, the rules of reality no longer apply.

As she wrote, blood oozed from her eyeballs, drizzling down her cheeks and dripping malignantly from her chin.

The date was rushed on the top of the page.

"Horrors abound," her fountain pen inked beneath it, blood spattering around the words. "We are hunted," she finished. The last she wrote, "Uraniu," was unfinished and scrawled and completely drenched in blood from her chin. She fell forward and covered the missive with her body. Blood began to pool across the surface of the desk.

It would be hours before you found her. Alice was dead. She was the best of you. She was gifted and intelligent and skilled. The husk of her corpse sent shudders through you all; for if Alice could be slain, then so could you all.

Master Magician

allfatherstoco He who breathes life into the story.

The Wizarding Princling

James S The scion of the Prime Magus himself; You seek political power and adoration.

The Devout Ascetic

Jocelyn G. Holy words and iconography through physical purity have formed you into a vessel of might and wonder.

The Druidic Season

Paul Scapinello The forms of nature are yours to command.

The Petty Dabbler

John St.G A practical magician, you have mastered jack-shit, but that does not mean you are not powerful.

The Arcane Ritualist

Moley A product of the best schools and advanced tutelage, you have an incomparable understanding of magick.

The Healing Channeler

Anise The mystic energies flow through you, ultimately improving those around you.