Doctor Who - UNIT: Mind the Gap



Role Playing Game


Cubicle 7


#7 Sunday 9am-1pm

Game Description

In this spin on the Doctor Who game universe, players will be members of UNIT, investigating aliens and time traveling entities on Earth in the absence of The Doctor.

You are part of a group of mixed specialties in the Unified Intelligence Task force, aka UNIT, an organization formed to handle various alien and inter-dimensional threats to Earth. They have worked with the mysterious alien Doctor in the past, and may again in the future, but for now they tend to be most active when he is elsewhere. The ideal UNIT member works on behalf of all humanity, though practically speaking the task force is organized among national lines.

Recently the Doctor fended off an alien invasion by both Daleks and Cybermen in England. Unfortunately, although the Doctor is gone, the aftermath remains. Your Canadian CRASH team is deployed to deal with an issue possibly relating to the Incident at Canary Warf. Repercussions seem to be global in scope, and your team is sent to Toronto to handle the trouble there. The madman in the blue box won't be coming to save the day here - its all up to you.

Roles available:

CRASH Team Alpha Commander - Sergeant Elizabeth Vaughan
As a UNIT veteran, she's seen a lot of weird shit, but loves how the job continues to surprise. At the end of the day, she's responsible for her team's actions.

Combat Specialist - Corporal Thomas Wright
A transfer from the regular army, he's a bit jumpy when it comes to aliens. He may see all non-humans as a threat, but he's just trying to keep everyone safe.

Field Engineer - Corporal Amy Xiao
Following in the footsteps of her UNIT employed parents, she loves to crack puzzles and figure out alien technology. Even if she sometimes has to blow it up.

Scout - Private Raina Stewart
A relatively new recruit, aliens and time travel still gives her the willies. She won't let it slow her down, however; someone has to be first.

Medic - Doctor Elliot Church
Once a resident in a civilian hospital, his cool head saved many lives during an alien encounter. Now he keeps his team, and any incidental civilians, alive.

Scientific Advisor - Mathieu Savard
A civilian attaché to the team, his knowledge up until recently has been purely theoretical. Now he has to prove he's got what it takes in the field, too.

Game Master

Sandra Sine




Mark Kicksee




Nick S.


Sebastian McLeod


Wesley M