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Infinity The Game


Saturday 11 to 6 and Sunday 11 to 6 (Slots 3,4,7,8 -ish) Saturday 11 to 6 and Sunday 11 to 6 (Slots 3,4,7,8 -ish)

Game Description

Infinity is an awesome, skirmish-scale science fiction miniature game. Take control of determined soldiers, cunning hackers, power-armoured heavy infantry, and more! Your team will engage in tense, highly tactical, objective focussed play. For more info check it out here!

The organizer (Russell) will have models to run demonstrations for 1 or 2 players at a time.

1 or 2 tables will be set up for open play if you already have models. If you would like results reported to ITS (Infinity Tournament System) select from the following 4 Joint Operations missions (details available here, at Mid-Tier (300 points) with no ITS extras (not limited insertion, no spec ops, no soldiers of fortune).
1) Supremacy
2) Unmasking
3) Frontline
4) Acquisition

The Guelph Infinity community is still growing, so please forgive that the tables will not be full painted. Forces do not need to be fully painted either.

Game Master

Drop-In Game, No Preregistration
(Maximum 5 Players)