Infallible Inspectors



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Systemless Shenanigans


#8 Sunday 2pm-6pm

Game Description

Here we go again. It's time for the game description for this year's Infallible Inspectors!

Is it going to be as unnecessarily long winded as it has been each and every year before?


Listen up Inspectors, for the following dreadfully non-canon briefing!

Our world is one of high fantasy! Much like a typical Dungeons and Dragons world, only a lot less reasonable.

When the people of this world encounter problems, they often hire adventurers to solve them! However, when the problem is more complex people will seek out Inspectors gifted with the strongest of investigative minds, the greatest of skills in stealth, and the most cunning of intellects!

And sometimes, while they're seeking out these Legendary Inspectors, they find people like YOU instead!

My my, I've gone about a quarter of the write up without rambling. This has all been pretty straight to the point so far. I'm rather proud of myself.

Without further delay let's get into the details! Respected Cat Girl Journalist Pefala Myotahn has once again stumbled into a story she wants to break! What? Are you going to ask again why the guy running this game has made your main NPC contact a Cat Girl? Are you inferring that he is some kind of degenerate with delusional fantasies about being a Cat Girl?

Well like, there's only a slight chance you're right.

Moving on!

We find ourselves in one of the greatest cities in the world! Great in wealth, culture, population, and – most importantly – STAGGERING MILITARY MIGHT. Despite the nation's great security, Pefala has received a tip from one of her sources stating that a thief plans to steal a new magical weapon from the city's most guarded weapons development facility.

One of the nation's Generals has taken great concern with this news – and has authorized Pefala Myotahn and a group of her most trusted, most talented inspectors to investigate – and with any luck – stop this impedning burglary!

I sincerely hope he does not lose his job because of this.

He probably will.


Characters will be generated at the start of the game. All you need to do is have a general idea of what kind of person you will be playing; we'll fill a few things out before we randomly generate some of your Inspector's capabilities.

For example; each Inspector will have 3 "Fantastic Traits" that will be drawn randomly from a deck of traits. Such traits include "Hard to Spot" "Prone to Causing Explosions" or "Actually a Legitimate Licensed Inspector."

That's all for this briefing. See you at Gryphcon!

Game Master

Sebastian McLeod










Richard Coghlan