37 Days



Role Playing Game


Fate Core


#7 Sunday 9am-1pm

Game Description

PARIS, Spring 1914: Ne'er-do-wells, spies, and rogues, you are Britain's main defense against intrigue. Working to counter the influence of communists, nihilists, anarchists, and other enemies of the state, you have discovered a conspiracy of the highest order in Paris. The Dico Triangulum is assassinating high-ranking individuals of the French Government. Or they would be if it weren't for your team. Tonight, you assemble at the Opera to prevent another murder. Tonight, though, everything will change.

37 DAYS is a Fate Core game; dice supplied by the GM if you don't have a set of Fate Dice.

Fate Guide

allfatherstoco Master of Mayhem

Olivia Duchalais

Jeff Famous French Actress and Unrepentant Thief of Hearts and Coins and Lover of J. Peter Silas.

Raya Elaine Despardue

- Seamstress for Olivia Duchalais and Unrepentant Acrobat Thief. Lover of Sir David Rothsay.

J. Peter Silas

Anise Commander, Royal Navy, Seconded to the Foreign Section of Military Intelligence. Lover of Olivia Duchalais.

Sir H. David Rothsay

James S Disgraced Royal Lancer, Professional Rake and Duelist, Lover of Raya Despardue.

Dillon Zane Copeland

James T Former Royal Canadian Dragoon and Gold Miner; Currently a Filthy Rich Bastard.

Shamus Angus MacDougall

Jocelyn G. Former Sniper with the Lovats Scouts, Batsman of Dillon Zane Copeland.