Deltheas II: Pulled Under



Role Playing Game


Cypher System


#3 Saturday 9am-1pm

Game Description

Deltheas was a grand experiment in city building. With land area shrinking and the population continuing to boom, Delthea was built entirely underwater, a domed city planned to the last inch, with all the latest and greatest technology, to house the elite. The world above the waves exploded into war, fueled by environmental damage, climate change, population pressure, and more, leaving Deltheas to itself, cut off from the world above. The Elite society stratified, and in a few generations, as systems began to break down, and only a few were able to hold on to trade with the surface, Deltheas developed its own Elite, its own struggling 'middle class', its own slums.

It has been generations. No one alive remembers the surface world any more. Life is precarious, with only the dome separating you from the crushing ocean around you. In places, the seals are worn, leading to worrisome leaks. The air recycler is prone to breaking down, and only a few know how to repair it and keep it going. The water purifier, which allows for drinkable water and irrigation of the very necessary gardens, is also in bad shape. Trade goods from the surface come intermittently, and are extremely expensive. It is far from the aspirational dwelling it once was. But it is home.

You are one of the lucky ones, employed as a Special Investigator for the city. A year has passed since you and your fellow investigators discovered who murdered the Chief Engineer, exposed corrupt council members, and shook up the political scene of the city. You even managed to motivate the elite of the city to back a new trade agreement with representatives from the Surface. Unfortunately, something has gone wrong, terribly wrong, and you have once again been called up to investigate.

Pre-Generated Characters and dice will be provided. This game continues the story started last year, but you don't have to have played the previous game.

Cypher is an easy system to learn.

Game Master

Sandra Sine

Task Force Leader

Drew Austin

Public Investigator


Network Specialist


Firearms Expert


Beat Cop

mike johnson

Lab Technician

Chris C.