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Vast Grimm


Saturday 1pm-5pm Saturday 1pm-5pm

Game Description

Each miserable day that passes the universe inches closer to its inevitable demise...

Vast Grimm is a rules- light RPG based on the Mork Borg system from Ockult Ortmastare Games where everyone must band together in order to keep humanity (and themselves) alive.

The universe is in its final days. Gnawed on, devoured, and excreted by the vile machinations of "They" - great space Wurms that infect and change all they touch. You are still alive, somehow managing to survive, and if you are one of the truly lucky, you have not been afflicted by the Wurms. You and your companions hold onto the faint hope of survival for another day, seeking the fabled Gate of Infinite Stars - a portal to another 'verse and away from the death rattle of this one.

Into the Wurmhole is a playfully disgusting adventure set up to make entry into the universe of Vast Grimm easy and fun. Death is cheap and quick, but character creation even more so! With characters generated at the touch of a button on your phone or tablet, the only thing you need to bring is your best roleplaying self. Heck... you don't even need to have dice. I'll have plenty.

Come try out a new system, have a blast, and leave the table saying "That was disgustingly fun!"

Content Warning - any session of Vast Grimm may include: Blood, Guts, violence, drug use, dismemberment, death, uh... fecal... matter, and loss of body control.

Safety Tools: Lines and Veils will be discussed at the beginning of the session. The X Card will be available as well. Additionally, if any point a player feels uncomfortable with how a scene is progressing, we can Rewind, Fast Forward, or edit the scene. Player comfort and enjoyment is my top priority!

Game Master

The Ginger GM