Beast Wars: Lockout



Role Playing Game


System: The Transformers RPG vs 7.3 by James Kerr


#7 Sunday 9am-1pm

Game Description

You were rudely awakened from stasis a short time ago. What was supposed to be a deep space science exploration, has now turned into a war of attrition between the Maximal crew of the Axilon and the rebel Predcons of their stolen ship the Darksyde. And just like that you have been conscripted from Maximal scientist to warrior on an unknown planet in an unknown time and not an energon bar to be found. To make matters worse someone has locked everyone out of the ship and CAA is both lightyears and 2 million years away. With no Cybertronian Astroship Association within coms reach, looks like you will need to get into the ship by yourselves. Does anyone have a wire coat hanger?

Transformers is a fan made RPG game by James Kerr. Each player will be given an hour to make their own transformer… is that a whale-gorilla hiding behind a tree?

This is a fun, easy to learn game. The game uses a d10 base system for decision making and a d6 for damage. Dice will be provided if players lack their own.

Game Master

John Patterson




James McMaster