Transformers- Suicide sqaud (Decepticon game)



Role Playing Game


Essence 20


#1 Friday 7pm-11pm

Game Description

This is a DECEPTICON based game and is a PG-13 in terms of tone and play style.


"My fellow Decepticons, I am Shockwave and Megatron has commanded that the Mayhem attack squad be reformed. You will be the execuction of the Decepticon army's will and a projection of force that is unrelentingly brutal and efficent in it's mandate. You come from our most deadly soliders and are often considered too dangerous to be let loose unless circumstances demand it. You are Targetmasters, beasts and even tools spawned from my own laboratory but one thing you are is deadly and efficent in the art of war.
Right now the Autobot command structure is vulnerable to attack and we can shatter not only thier morale but totally disrupt Autobot operations on Cybertron and on Earth.

We do not expect you to return from this mission but you will carry out Megatron's orders as if they are your last.

Your mission is simple, eliminate those closest to Optimus Prime. Prowl, Jazz, Bumbleebee and finally his city commander, Ultra Magnus.

You are to use any and all means neccessary to accomplish your mission.

Your mission leader will be Blitzwing and he will meet you on Cybertron with further instructions.

Megatron does not tolerate failure.


This is a game played using the Esscence 20 RPG system from Renegade game studios. This game requires NO previous knowledge of Transformers beyond that is g1 based on the cartoon but any knowledge of Transformers will do and will be accomodated. Characters can be created in advanced OR I can create some unique characters from the Transformers universe OR you have the option of playing an established character with GM approval.
Since this is a 3 day convention game, you will be at a significantly higher starting level then the standard starting character.

please email me at and we can dicuss options for your characters.

I will bring books, spare sheets, etc

I ask that you bring dice, pencils and the will to destroy the Autobots, once and for all.

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