Egil's Saga



Role Playing Game


Fate of the Norns Runic Game System (RGS)


#5 Saturday 7pm-11pm

Game Description

It is the 2nd age of Ragnarok. Fimbulwinter has come, blanketing the world in endless darkness and winter cold. The gods are watching; their emissaries stalk the world, old grievances are once again fought over, and ordinary people are either beaten down underfoot, or rise to be epic heroes worthy of a proper Saga.

In this adventure, you will take on the role of one of these epic heroes. Invited to a feast on the island of Atloy off of the coast of Norway, you hope that the evening will run smoothly, with both host and guests behaving in proper, traditional fashion. Unfortunately, things do not run smoothly, and you soon find yourself caught up in murder, violence, and treachery. What side will you choose?

Based on portions of the actual Egil's Saga, you get a chance to affect what happens and, perhaps, alter slightly the tapestry the Norns have woven.

You will be given pre-generated characters, a play mat, and your own set of runes to use. The rules will be explained as we go. It may run late, depending on what the players decide to do, and based on consensus of all.


Sandra Sine The ultimate arbiter of the Fate of the game. :)


Christine Pugh The Ulfhednar - wolf warrior. A strong, agressive close-quarters fighter, who works well with others.


Andri The Galdr - rune caster. A magician who understands how to use runes to aid allies and damage opponents.


Becky The Siethkona - spirit channeler. A magician who manipulates seith energy to curse and control others.


Malanoron The Skald - poet and bard. A singer of spell songs, which bolster friends and demoralize foes.


Jocelyn G. The Maiden of Ratatosk - clever fighter. A mischievous combatant who dances through the battlefield, confusing the enemy.


All you had to say was Egils Saga.
posted by Andri on Tue, 29 Jan 2019
I've had the treat of the tale being told to me in Borgarnes, Iceland, on the land Egils father settled and where Egil grew up as a boy. So totally on board here. :)

Re: All you had to say was Egils Saga.
posted by Sandra Sine on Tue, 29 Jan 2019
Awesome! This adventure in inspired by a scene from the Saga, with some liberties taken here and there.