A Card Laid



Role Playing Game


7th Sea 2nd Edition


#3 Saturday 9am-1pm

Game Description

The Deck has been shuffled, ruffled, and cut. Your hand is dealt. What card will you play? The adage holds true: A Card Laid...

It is the Engagement Party of the Season as Gespucci Bernoulli, the Merchant Prince, announces the betrothal of his beloved adopted granddaughter, Penelope Destine, at Palazzo Bernoulli. Foreign guests of the Prince, you all have a place at the main banquet. You all have agendas this night and destiny itself will depend on the card laid.

Master of the Winds of Fate

allfatherstoco Arbiter of Chaos and Storms.

Penelope Gianni Destine

Sean Howard Sorte Strega from Vodacce; to be engaged this evening.

Diego Roja

Sandra Sine Duelist and Swordsman Extraordinaire from Castille.

Olliver Williamson

Andri Sea Dog Captain from Avalon.

Jean Luc De Gineston

Paul Scapinello Noble and Representative of Montaigne.


Becky Winged Hussar and Servant of the Envoy, Representing Rzeczpospolita.

Herman Mellor

James T Mercenary Bodyguard for Penelope from Eisen.