A Matter of Honour



Role Playing Game


Vampire the Masquerade 5


#2 Saturday 12am-4am

Game Description

"In today’s world no one is innocent, no one a neutral. A man is either with the oppressed or he is with the oppressors. He who takes no interest in politics gives his blessing to the prevailing order, that of the ruling classes and exploiting forces." George Habash

Blood Toils.
Blood Boils.
Honour is everything in the afterlife of immortality.
Can you survive the night with your honour intact?
Can you keep the facade of Masquerade and your honour?
Your survival depends on it.
Intrigue at the table of the Prince... using the newest rules of Vampire.

There are 104 Vampires of the Masquerade in Southern Ontario. The hinterland cities of Guelph, Barrie, and the like are the Casablanca of the Vampire world. Intrigue and questionable activities occur with regularity in their limits.

The Prince of Upper Canada has decreed that there are eight Princely Domains subservient to him. They are the Victoria, the Wentworth, the Downtown, the Durham, the Peel, the York, the Halton, and the Western Fair courts. The Anarchs have not gained control of any of the Southern Ontario courts. Northern Ontario, on the other hand, is a blood-bath, where the Anarchs reign and the "Inquisition" infiltrates.

Yes, the second inquisition proceeds apace, with the intelligence establishments of Canada, in particular, the enigmatic Office 6 hunting the Masquerade. It is at times like these that a Vampire needs to step-up and play the game for real.

With the "beckoning" drawing the Justicars and Elders away, the court is ripe for the Ancillae, like you, to steer the direction of the Upper Canadian courts. Your coterie is ambitious and may yet rule the night. The coterie demesne is Waterloo and Upper Grand Counties. The Tri-City/Guelph urban sprawl is your hunting ground. Tonight, your coterie draws together to make plans. For the monthly Elysium approaches.

"A prophet is not without honour, except in his hometown and among his relatives and in his own household." Jesus



Eddie, Clan Ventrue

James S The Castellan of Guelph

Kale, Clan Ventrue

Stu Eddie's Twin Sibling, a Ventrue Enforcer

Kitt, Clan Ventrue

Dawn Eddie's Trusted Advisor, a Ventrue Planner

Angel, Clan Toreador

Bethany The Toreador Entertainment

Tone, Clan Nosferatu

Doug Graham The Nosferatu Sewer Rat

Shay, Clan Tremere

Jayjay The Tremere Muscle