Black Hart of Camelot



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#5 Saturday 7pm-11pm

Game Description

A Black Hart has been seen running through the Gates of Camelot and many have taken this as a sign of the doom of Arthur. He has called a gathering of his nobles to discuss the various issues that face his Kingdom. Some come for the food, others for weddings, some for trials of combat, others to prove themselves as knights, and some have more treacherous intents.

Black Hart of Camelot is a module that takes place in the closing days of Camelot where each of the players takes on the Role of one of Camelot's historic Persona with their own goals and aspirations.

The Rules are simple and will be explained in advance via a player guide sent in email and at game. Roles will be decided by first come first serve from the below list, please e-mail with your top three selections. Roles in Italics have already been taken.

Please note: The original module for this game is written with characters positioned as gender binary but there are opportunities for everyone. Please reach out if you would like some assistance in selecting a character.

Character, Gender, Age, Description

Kingdom of Camelot

Arthur, Male, Mature: Camelot The king of all of Britain via his vassal lords, and direct ruler of the kingdom of Camelot.

Merlin, Male, Old, Camelot Advisor to Arthur, said to be a sorcerer and a prophet. Helped to raise Arthur.

Guinevere, Female, Mature: Camelot Queen of Britain, wife of Arthur and first daughter of Leodegrance.

Lancelot, Male, Mature: Camelot Champion of Camelot and adopted son of Nimue, whispered to be having an affair with Guinevere.

Kingdom of Cornwall

Mark, Male, Mature: Cornwall King of Cornwall, has been gradually expanding his vassal lands with the help of his champion Tristan

Tristan, Male, Young: Cornwall Champion of Cornwall and captain of Mark's army. Has just returned from Ireland where he won the hand of Isolde for Mark.

Lyonesse, Female, Young: Cornwall First daughter of Mark, has been offered in marriage to Leodegrance who has not yet responded.

Lynette, Female, Young: Cornwall Second daughter of Mark, he is said to be keeping her unmarried to look after him.

Kingdom of Lothian

Morgause, Female, Old: Lothian Queen of Lothian since the death of her husband Lot. Older sister of Morgan and half-sister of Arthur.

Morgan, Female, Mature: Lothian Younger sister of Morgause and half sister of Arthur, mother of Mordred, often called Morgan le Fay.

Gawaine, Male, Mature: Lothian Chief Knight of the Round Table,eldest son of Morgause and presumed heir of Lothian.

Mordred, Male, Young: Lothian Illegitimate son of Arthur and Morgan, raised by his aunt Morgause.

Clarissant, Female, Young: Lothian Daughter of Morgause and Lot, sister of Gawaine and cousin of Mordred.

Kingdom of Cameliard

Leodegrance, Male, Old: Cameliard King of Cameliard, gave his daughter Guinevere in marriage to Arthur and gifted him the Round Table.

Palamedes Male, Young or Mature: Cameliard Champion of Cameliard, a Saracen knight who wishes to join the Round Table.

Guineth, Female, Young: Cameliard Second daughter of Leodegrance

Kingdom of Listenoise

Pelles, Male, Old: Listenoise Inherited the Kingdom of Listenoise from his brother Pellinore known as the Fisher King, guardian of the Holy Grail.

Elaine, Female, Mature: Listenoise The princess and presumed heir of Listenoise, daughter of Pelles and mother of Galahad.

Galahad, Male, Young: Listenoise The only knight to have achieved a vision of the Holy Grail, regarded as a young man of unsurpassed virtue.

Percival, Male, Young: Listenoise Son of the recently killed Pellinore and nephew of Pelles. Is questing for the Holy Grail but has not yet been successful.

Isle of Avalon

Nimue, Female, Mature: Avalon Ruler of the isle of Avalon in Glouchedon. Known as the Lady of the Lake, gave Arthur the enchanted sword Excalibur.

Argante, Female, Young: Avalon A young warrior maiden who lives in Avalon with Nimue.

Kingdom of Ireland

Brangaine, Female, Young: Ireland Handmaiden of Isolde who has traveled with her from Ireland.

Isolde, Female, Young: Ireland Princess of Ireland who has traveled to Britain with Brangaine and Tristan to meet Mark, her betrothed.

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Jeremy Chun Taite

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Replay potential
posted by Mark Kicksee on Sat, 02 Mar 2019
Black Hart of Camelot was a great deal of fun when we played it a few years ago, but I'm concerned about how readily we can replay it, since we (i.e. those of us with a good memory) know several of the other characters' secrets. I don't want to spoil the game, and I can pretend not to know, but I'm wondering if this is the same scenario or if there are changes.
Re: Replay potential
posted by Alex on Mon, 11 Mar 2019
Hey Mark, Its pretty replayable assuming you choose a role that is involved in a different set of plots then the original. There will be a few surprised that you of course will be exposed to, but one of the best things about the module is that different plots become focal points so the module can vary considerably. I have run it several times and never had the same story play out.