Crimson Seraph: The Merodach Protocol



Role Playing Game


Nights Black Agents


#5 Saturday 7pm-11pm

Game Description

Crimson Seraph: The Merodach Protocol

Embark on a pulse-pounding journey into the heart of darkness with "Crimson Seraph: The Merodach Protocol." In the ancient and enigmatic streets of Warsaw, where history is written in shadows, a clandestine vampire conspiracy threatens to unleash unimaginable horrors upon the world.

As elite intelligence operatives, you must unravel the layers of the four-level Conspyramid hidden beneath the cobblestone streets of Warsaw, each tier guarded by supernatural foes and secret societies. The enigmatic Crimson Seraph, known as Merodach, sits at the apex, and your mission is clear: initiate or prevent the cataclysmic Merodach Protocol.

Key Features:

Intricate Conspyramid: Navigate a web of conspiracy beneath the ancient streets of Warsaw with a meticulously designed four-level pyramid, each tier holding dark secrets and formidable challenges.
Dynamic Gameplay: Immerse yourself in a blend of investigation, espionage, and supernatural horror, where every choice shapes the narrative and influences the fate of Warsaw.
Ancient Evils Unveiled: Encounter vampire lieutenants, decipher occult mysteries, and confront the ancient Crimson Seraph in a climactic battle with the fate of Warsaw hanging in the balance.
Player Agency: Your decisions matter. Forge alliances, uncover betrayals, and determine the destiny of Warsaw as you race against time to prevent the initiation of the Merodach Protocol.

Are you ready to face the Crimson Seraph and unveil the truth behind The Merodach Protocol in the shadowed alleys of Warsaw? The city of mysteries is waiting...

Crimson Seraph: The Merodach Protocol — Where darkness meets destiny in the heart of Warsaw.


Night's Black Agents offers a unique blend of spy thriller and vampire mythology, providing players with opportunities for high-stakes action, intense investigations, and encounters with supernatural adversaries.

The Director

Chris Stocovaz

Field Investigator

Hollow MOS: Investigator An expert in gathering information, conducting surveillance, and uncovering secrets. The Field Investigator excels at finding clues, analyzing patterns, and navigating the city's underground.

Combat Specialist

Phoenix MOS: Operative Trained in various combat techniques and weapons, the Combat Specialist is the team's frontline fighter. Whether facing vampire minions or supernatural threats, this operative is ready for action.

Occult Specialist

Chaos MOS: Occultist A scholar of the supernatural, the Occult Specialist has knowledge of ancient rituals, vampire lore, and occult symbols. This character can decipher mystical clues and counteract supernatural forces.

Tech Expert

- MOS: Tech Analyst Proficient in hacking, surveillance technology, and electronic warfare, the Tech Expert provides the team with crucial technological support. They can uncover digital trails and exploit weaknesses in the vampire conspiracy's security systems.

Undercover Operator

Malanoron MOS: Infiltrator Skilled in blending into different environments and assuming false identities, the Undercover Operative excels at infiltrating vampire society and gathering information from within. This character is the team's covert asset.

Combat Medic

John Patterson MOS: Field Medic Trained in both medical skills and combat, the Combat Medic ensures the team's survival in intense situations. This character can provide first aid, handle injuries, and even hold their own in a fight.