Genesis: Battle of Champions - Introductory Tournament



Card Game


Genesis: Battle of Champions


#1, #4 Friday 7pm-11pm
Saturday 2pm-6pm

Game Description

Are you new to Genesis? Do you want to play in a tournament with other new champions? Come out to this event and learn how to play Genesis against other players of the same skill level and deck strength.

Entry Fee:
FREE!!! Just sign up for the event and fill out a small survey at the beginning of the event that that's all.

We will provide you with your deck, so you don't need to come with one pre-constructed. You will also be able to walk away with this deck to keep and start your own Genesis collection with.

We will be hosting a 3 round Swiss structure tournament. Each round will be 45 minutes to finish your games.

Everyone will walk away with a prize!!!

Game Master

Assad Q
No Player Limit Specified