The Game - Cerberus Protocol



Role Playing Game


Fate Core


#4 Saturday 2pm-6pm

Game Description

In the early 2030s, the echoes of conflict linger across a world scarred by the recently concluded war with Ukraine. The notorious Vladimir Putin, architect of the conflict, has been eliminated, but the tides of power have not settled. Rising from the shadows is Ivan Vedevsky, an enigmatic power broker within the Russian hegemony. Vedevsky's ascent to power is shrouded in mystery, fueled by whispers that his two sons met their demise during what has come to be known as Putin's War.

Amidst the geopolitical turmoil, a clandestine unit known as "The Game" emerges, forged in the crucible of 2023. This covert force orchestrated by the philanthropic organization Corporation 42, a web of dummy corporations concealing their true purpose. Corporation 42, a seemingly lifeless entity, specializes in a singular pursuit: The Game.

In The Game, you are a Ghost—an operative, a specialist, once living, now erased from the annals of history. The Game weaves its tapestry with the threads of your skills, your anonymity serving as both armor and weapon. Your purpose is clear: stabilize the world and dispense justice to those who believe justice is but a distant dream. The arsenal of The Game includes management coaching, coups, and regime change. Every tyrant, every dictator becomes the target of your spectral presence, for you are the ghosts tasked with haunting the halls of power.

As a Ghost in The Game, you navigate the complex dance of global intrigue, striving to bring equilibrium to a world teetering on the edge. The stakes are high, the maneuvers intricate, and the adversaries formidable. In a world where power is a shifting tableau, you are the unseen force reshaping its contours. The Game is a relentless pursuit, and you, the Ghosts, are its enigmatic players.

Please visit The Game! Use code: b999 for Black - the Hitter, g666 for Green - the Hacker, r333 for Red - the Wheels, and w000 for White - the Spy.

Note: This is an adult game about secret operators attempting to affect positive change in the game world against unscrupulously evil players.


Chris Stocovaz The Enigmatic Controller of The Game.

Green - The Oracle

Jeff You served the United States of America in the National Security Agency (NSA) as a Data Analyst 1st Class. You were an expert White, Red, and Black Hat for the Agency. So good, in fact, that you were selected and trained for field operations with the Central Intelligence Agency as part of the Operations Directorate. You were infiltrated into target networks, worked your magic, and exfiltrated with panache and aplomb. Which is to say that you were nothing more than a ghost, a rumour, a whisper in the web.

Black - The Hitter

Paul Scapinello You served in the 2e Régiment étranger de parachutistes (2REP) of the French Foreign Legion (La Légion étrangère). An elite force, you were seconded to the Force d'action rapide of the Legion. Comprised of lifers in the Legion, you were hardcore operators in all environments on sea, air, or land.

Red - The Wheels

James S You worked the criminal night life of Marseilles, stealing cars, driving criminal crews, and street-racing since you were a teen. You were a brilliant driver, on land or sea; you even had a pilot's license and enough hours that you were ready to start smuggling for the Marseilles underworld.

White - The Spy

Hollow You served Canada as an Undercover Operative for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). Your gig was long-term undercover work in White Supremacist organizations. You were good at it and developed multiple identities to make the cover work.