UNCLE: The Bid



Role Playing Game


Spycraft 1.0


#1 Friday 7pm-11pm

Game Description

12:00UTC: London, UK

It has taken months of hard investigations to lead to the warrant for the arrest of Bashkim Hoxha and his crew on charges of operating a DarkNet Portal in the bowels of London's underworld. In the west-end neighbourhood of Chelsea, your team is lined-up for entry. The Metropolitan Police Special Territorial Group has cordoned-off a three-block radius around the Cafe Appolonia. The assault team has scaled the roofs of the buildings west of the Appolonia, out of camera sight of the cafe. The objective is simple: cross three roofs onto the roof of the Appolonia and then abseil into the windows of the supposed server farm on the third-floor of the building.

The infiltration section is currently dining in the restaurant and has eyes on the proprietor, Bashkim Hoxha, and his son, Arben, both of whom are immersed in an intense game of chess. Another son, Afrim is in the kitchen. Upstairs, in the server room, there are two of the Hoxha clan: Erion and Edon. On the floor below that, the prostitution ring, led by Nadon Hoxha, are in the way of a direct assault from the ground floor.

It is a tactical nightmare. Time is not on your side. The mission is straight-forward: take the server farm intact and plumb it for the underworld secrets that are encrypted on its platters. Who will live and who will die... lunch-hour bids are being taken...

Players take on the role of an elite intelligence agent seconded to the United Network Command for Law Enforcement. Do you have what it takes to be an UNCLE agent?

From the underworld of London, the players will embark on a journey to rescue Europe from imminent disaster. This is the first of three installments in The UNCLE Gambit. Players are welcome to play in one, two, or three-rounds of the season. Characters will continue throughout the season, leveling-up as they progress in the story arc.

The UNCLE Gambit
1. UNCLE: The Bid plays Slot 1.
2. UNCLE: The Stratagem plays Slot 3.
3. UNCLE: The Gamble plays Slot 7.

Game Control

Chris Stocovaz


Sandra Sine




Paul Scapinello






John St.Germain


Meredith Heitner