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Friday March 28rd

Slot 1 (2 pm - 11 pm) Slot 2 (7 pm - 11 pm)

Saturday March 29th

Slot 3 (12 am - 4 am) Slot 4 (9 am - 1 pm) Slot 5 (2 pm - 6 pm) Slot 6 (7 pm - 11 pm)
    A Game of Thrones  
    Magic: the Gathering  

Sunday March 30th:

Slot 7 (12 am - 4 am) Slot 8 (9 am - 1 pm) Slot 9 (2 pm - 6 pm)

Friday March 23rd, 2007

Saturday March 24th , 2007

A Game of Thrones
Game System: A Game of Thrones
Rules: Standard_Rules
Type: Board
Rating: PG
Min. Players: 3
Max. Players: 5

Game Description: Based on the popular fantasy series by Geroge R. R. Martin, a Game of Thrones pits the Great House against each other for control the Seven Kindgoms. Fight your opponents for territory, supplies, and political power, and team up with them to fight off the Wildlings assulting from the north. Playable teams include Houses Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Greyjoy, and Tyrell.

Magic: the Gathering
Game System: Magic: the Gathering
Rules: See Game Description
Type: CCG
Min. Players: 1
Max. Players: 999

Game Description:
Type Two tournament (Timespiral block, Coldsnap, Lorwyn and Morningtide with 10th Edition). Swiss format. Rounds of 3-5 depending on amount of players.

Sunday March 25th, 2007