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Want to run a game at Gryphcon 2006? Click here. This is not a final list, more games will be posted as we get them. To get to the a description of the game, just click on the name of the game. If you can't click, then we don't have a description of the game yet. If it's your game, send the description along.  If you registering for an RPGA game please register on Warhorn and you can register on this site as well!

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2pm - 6pm

Corpus Callosum Classic Risk Buffy: the Vampire Slayer RPG Coffee Break of the Living Dead Living Spycraft 2.0 (Intruder) Action! (Spycraft 2.0) Nobilis - The Eternal Seista of Summer
Feng Shui: Baptism of Fire Paran01a: The white box blues Classic Risk Hero Clix Demo

Mage: The Awakening-Nightmare on Yonge Street

  Rifts: Coalition Rifts: The Arena of Champions Eberron Campaign The Acadamy of Evil (D&D)   Bughunt (d20 sci-fi)
    Tales from a cold place, (D&D 3.5) Eh! Pisano! Thieves Challenge In His Majesty's Service. 7th Sea  

Four Worlds

Reg-Desk Games Reg-Desk Games Reg-Desk Games Reg-Desk Games Reg-Desk Games Reg-Desk Games Reg-Desk Games

Living Spycraft

Living Spycraft Living Spycraft Living Spycraft Living Spycraft Living Spycraft
  COR5-18 Kusnir KET6-01 The Prize KET6-02 TBA Ket Interactive - Holy Day CORS5-02 Mines of the Eye  
  VTF6-01 Fault Lines          

Midnight Madness


12pm - 4 am


12pm - 4am

  Super Hero LARP

Game Descriptions

Action! (Spycraft 2.0)

Number of Players: 3-7
Rating: PG

Explosions! Gunfights! Swords! Car chases! Plot? We don't need no stinking plot! A selection of short, high octane scenarios with no "story" to get in the way. Bring your dice and your bloodlust!

Ange's Hol game

Time Slot: 4am on Saturday morning
Max Players: 7
Rating: XXX

It stands for Human Occupied Landfill. Nuff said'

Buffy: the Vampire Slayer RPG
Number of Players: 5 - 6
Rating - PG13

Its another Tuesday night and that could spell disaster for the town, country or continent. Maybe the world is at stake this time. It doesn't really matter though because you also have finals tomorrow and you're grounded for sneaking out to take on that Chaos demon. So, you have a lot to worry about, and your cell phone is ringing with your Watcher's number showing on the call display, time to call your friends and go to work. Buffy: the Vampire Slayer RPG is a cinematic game detailing the lives of young people who happen to have incredibly abilities and a desire to fight for good. Premade characters will be provided.

Bughunt (d20 sci-fi)

Players: 4-6
Rating: Mature (extreme violence)

“Lock and load Marines! At 0706 Hours this morning contact was lost with a
military search and rescue team sent to investigate a routine distress call
from a deep space exploration ship. A coded priority alpha transmission
indicates that the team came under attack by hostile forces of an unknown
origin. Our mission is to recon the situation, rescue any survivors, and
neutralize the enemy threat. Section command has informed me that we can
expect contact with non-human insurgents, so bring the big guns boys and
girls its bugstomping time!”

How would a group of heavily armed gamers deal with classic sci-fi
horror/action in the vein of aliens and halo? (Modified d20)

Classic Risk

Number of Players: 2-5
Rating: G

Play the classic game of strategy and world dominiation. Fun will be had by all!

Coffee Break of the Living Dead

Max players: 7 (4 Males and 2 Females)
Rating: R/NC17

Yup, it's Hawaiian shirt day at the office again this year. This one day is a reprieve against the lather-rinse-repeat humdrum of your normal suburban life. Yet not only action reports and boring meetings await you today. You and your fellow office drones are up against the toughest clients of all- the damn dirty undead. Battle your way through your cooperate office building to safety or die in a cubical like the desk jockey you are.

Corpus Callosum

Number of Players: 3-7
Rating: NC17

Located in the sleepy rural town of Hilton Beach ON lies ‘The Lighthouse” (Inc), North America’s leading hospital for psychiatric patients has always been the forerunner in exceptional new treatments. Those individuals who qualify for government funding are allowed to venture off into the wilderness to receive intensive primal scream therapy. When the small bus of five patients and two therapists return from their week away, they find the lines between delusions and reality have been blurred somewhat more than usual…

Eberron Campaign

Number of Players: 4-7
Rating: PG 13

Theres been a death in Sharn. Not a big deal... except that the dead man was
killed installing a trap in a guildhouse... a very deadly trap. And not one
that belonged there... questions have been asked, and divinations have
revealed that he was not alone. There are few clues, and little information.
A group of specialists has been brought in. In other words....you. And your
on the clock. Is it a revenge plot, or something bigger?

Eh! Pisano!

Number of Players: 2 - 8
Rating: PG

Vampire: The Masquerade (no, not Requiem).  Most Giovanni chose ghouls for their
brains… unfortunately, your domitor isn't one of them. See how a routine numbers run gets fouled up when
idiots are in charge. A chance to play dumb (for real).  All the characters in this scenario have an intelligence rating of 1!
This is a game played for humor.  4-6 mooks invited. Characters provided, but bring your own stereotypical
bad Italian accent.

Feng Shui: Baptism of Fire

Number of Players: 3-5
Rating: R/NC-17

It's been a long day.  Hong Kong's hectic hustle and bustle has tired you out.  Luckily, there's this great restaurant you've just heard about called the Eating Counter .  It's not in the best of neighbourhoods, but they say the food is good, the service is excellant and the price is right.  All you need to get through the day is a nice quiet lunch. Too bad that gang of toughs just broke the front door down. It's going to be a long day...

Four Worlds

Number of Players: 3-6
Rating: PG

The world has fallen into ashes but four new worlds have been forged by the survivors. A ship from each of these Civilizations lands on a planet with a deadly secret, only together can the survivors solve the puzzle and escape. Play from one of four specially designed societies. The system being used is Mekton. This is a Sci Fi Horror Survival game.

Hero Clix Demo

Number of Players: 2 to 8
Rating: PG

A demo of Wizkids Heroclix superheroes miniature game. No need to worry about figs, there will be plenty to go around. Just bring 2d6 and you're good to go.

In His Majesty's Service.  7th Sea.

Number of Players: 4-6
Rating: PG

Is someone plotting against L?Empereur?  Are these Eisen mercenaries really here to join the army?  Who are those shadowy figures at court?  A game of political intrigue and danger in a world not unlike Renaissance Europe. Some familiarity with the system and setting is useful.  4-6 players, Characters will be provided.  A further note:  All characters are from Montaigne.

Living Spycraft 2.0 (Intruder)

Number of Players: 3-7
Rating: PG

If the first 2.0 mission is available on time I will be running Living Spycraft 2.0. Check out www.spycraftccg.com for new MRD to create or convert your own character, or grab and go with an iconic character on the day. If LSPY is unavailable, a homebrew adventure (Intruder) will be run in it's place. When a DEA helicopter is shot down in rebel-held jungle, the CIA recruits Major Alan 'Dutch' Shaefer and his elite Search and Rescue commando team are tasked by the CIA to find them. Charcters will be provided.

Mage: The Awakening - Nightmare on Yonge Street

Players: 2-5
Rating: PG

The Consilium of York has charged you to look into a mysterious string of murders along Canada's longest road. The complete lack of useable evidence and the arcane trappings at the scenes of the crimes leads the city's mages to believe that greater forces than a psychopath are at play in these heinous acts. Perhaps even one of their own is the perpetrator.

Nobilis - The Eternal Seista of Summer

Number of Players - 3 - 4
Rating: PG

Take the role of one of Creation's concepts combined with what was a normal person and join your fellow Nobilis in unraveling the mystery of a woman, a god, a painting, and one who wants to unmake everything as we know it. Nobilis is the game of soverign nobles given the powers of gods and the task of defending Earth from invaders. It is an intensly social game that focuses heavily upon character interation, development and plot involvement. Dice not required. Premade characters will be provided.

Paran01a: The white box blues

Number of Players: 3-6
Rating: PG

Welcome to Alpha Station. You are a troubleshooter assigned to
investigate an accidental collision in an unoccupied sector. Friend
Computer, the station's artificial intelligence informs you that this
will be an easy and uncomplicated mission.


It is treason to belong to a secret society; you are in a secret
society. It is treason to be a mutant; you are a mutant.
Any good citizen would turn you in. You are surrounded by good

This is Equat10n done Paranoia style. Don't trust your team mates.
Don't trust the computer. And always stand at the rear of the party;
easier to backstab that way.

Rifts:  The Arena of Champions

Number of Players: 2-10
Rating: AA

Lord Splynncryth is bored.  You are among the lords of Atlantis, and choose a team to do battle in the arena.  Just dont bore the Lord of Splynn. Love D&D's Monster Mash?  Then you'll love this.  Buy a team of sla...err volunteers to represent you in the arena and let the combat begin!

Rifts:  Coalition

Number of Players: 2-5
Rating: AA

Join The Coalition Army Today!  Protect humanity from evil inhuman monsters!
Why not start Gryphcon with a bang, light on roleplay, heavy on the killing.

Reg-Desk Games

Number of Players: Unlimited
Rating: G

We'll be offering games at any time at the registration desk. Like
Settlers, risk, carcassone, minchkin, hoopla, zombies, and others
free of charge.


Number of Players: 6-10
Rated R

This game starts when you sign up. You are a unemployed member of the world's intelligence community trying to make a living doing the only thing you've been trained to do. Now you have to work freelance, where the highest bidder pays your way and there can be no trust among thieves. Be prepared to be sneaky, devious, cunning and self-serving if you want to make it out of this alive.

Super Hero LARP

Max Players: 40
Rating: XXX

After all the major American cities have super-hero's, it's slim pickings left for Canada . Whether you're trying to start a super-team, or looking for your arch nemesis there is only one place to be: Club HQ. Sure, people's powers are sometimes a little wonky and since Illiteration Man's death, the names of the hero's have gotten worse over the years, but it's still the, uh, literally only place to be.

This is a live-action role playing game using the “Rules to Live By” system. If you are expecting functional kewl superhero powers, you will be disappointed. All our superheros have some fatal flaw with their powers, or their powers don't make sense. That's the fun.

Tales from a cold place,  D&D 3.5

Number of Players: 4- 6
Rating: PG

As you travel through an arctic wasteland to get through to Chi'in, what dangers await you in the frozen waters? A scenario for 4-6 players, levels 8-11.  Characters will be provided.

Thieves Challenge

Number of Players: 2 - 30
Rating: PG

Thieves Challenge will be a live action roleplaying/scavenger hunt taking
place in the UC building.  You will explore the UC in hopes of finding what
the guildmaster is looking for.  Along the way you may find some magic
items to help you in your quest.  Beware though, other thieves are also
looking for the same thing and some say that monsters wander the halls.
Team up with your friends to try and complete the guildmasters quest or go
it alone.  The winner of the challenge not only gets bragging rights but
will have their Gryphcon entrance fee paid for.

The Acadamy of Evil (D&D)

Number of players: 4-5
Rating: PG

Dark wizards have conquered the land, entrapping the Good Sorcerer King's soul in a collection of magical phylacteries.  They have begun enslaving the normal populace, either converting those of magical ability... or killing them.  The peoples' only hope is that some brave band of adventurers can assault the dark wizards' stronghold, free the Good King, and end their threat once and for all.  Do YOU have what it takes to destroy the Acadamy Of Evil ?

Living Greyhawk

COR5-18 Kusnir
Author: Stuart Kerrigan

The Lady of Fate is a cruel and terrible mistress, but some scholars believe that she also has a sense of irony. Kusnir is one such example - where the slavers are now the slaves. Part One of "Under an Iron Fist." A one-round Core adventure set in the Hold of the Sea Princes for APLs 2-8.

CORS5-02 Mines of the Eye
Authors: Paul Looby, Creighton Broadhurst

Deep below the Abbor-Alz the duergar are stirring. Rumors of a fell compact between the duergar's mysterious leader, a being known only as "Father Eye" and the perfidious Rary, monarch of the Bright Lands are rife. What evil purpose is served by this alliance is unknown, but assuredly it serves some goal in Rary's greater design. The paladin Karistyne has determined that Rary's scheme must be stymied and so the call has gone out for doughty adventurers to eradicate this growing threat. An adventure for characters level 1 – 16 (APLs 2-16). Part 3 of the “Blight on Bright Sands” campaign arc.

KET6-01 The Prize
Author: Stephen Baker

From the Yatil Mountains come the horror army. Undeterred by the forces arrayed before them, the army bypasses all defences and is headed directly into the Bramblewood itself. Can it be stopped? Should it be stopped? The dangers of the forest await, possibly more so than they have ever been before. The penultimate module in the Natural Evolution Series. An adventure for APLs 2-12.


Ket Interactive - Holy Day

Hundreds of years ago, the paladin Whalid el'Azib led an army that healt a great blow to the forces of evil and chaos, striking down a host of followers of the Reaper of Flesh. His tale was lost to the ages, until a band of adventurers found a journal from the time, and his story was revealed. Now, in this time of trouble, the True Faith has decreed that there will be a festival of celebration of his deeds and victory, held in Lopolla. All true followers of the True Faith are encouraged to make the pilgrimage, to see the ceremony of dedication of a shrine to Whalid, and to take part in a re-enactment of his heroic last stand against the infidel. A one-round Ket Interactive, for APLs 2-12, particularly suitable for members of the True Faith.

VTF6-01 Fault Lines
Author: Stephen Baker

A continuation of the Faith and True series for APLs 4-16

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